Without a competent and hardworking staff, it would be very hard for American Wear to keep our customers satisfied. Each and every employee we have serves a vital role in this company. Last month, we talked with American Wear receptionist Carol DelPolito about her love of family-owned businesses. This month we sat down with American Wear embroidery department manager and graphic artist John DeKovics. Here are some of the things we learned when talking with this Fords, NJ native about his life and career at American Wear.

What Does Your Job With American Wear Entail?

One of the first things we were curious about is what John’s job with American Wear entails. “I Manage a small staff, operating ten embroidery machines; provide customer service and technical support; create artwork in a variety of formats to be used in both printing and embroidery applications,” DeKovics stated. Each of the unique designs that American Wear customers receive for their uniforms, pass through John’s department. Without a consummate professional like John, American Wear would be unable to bring our customer’s vision to life.

John DeKovics Background

For twelve years, John was an instructor/contractor for the Melco Embroidery Systems company. During his time with this company, John traveled all over the world helping to set up various hardware and software departments. He has certificates from Cittone Institute in both computer programming and CorelDraw graphic applications. John stated that, “I have spent thirty plus years designing, monogramming, printing, and in management for both large and small companies.” With this vast amount of experience, John is able to keep his department running like a well-oiled machine.

It’s All About Family For John DeKovics

When he is not working hard for American Wear, you can find John spending time with his wife and two sons. He and his wife run a home-based design business that keeps him very busy. He also enjoys exercising, doing projects around the home and traveling.

How Did You Get Into the Uniform Rental Industry?

When asked how he started working for American Wear, John says, “I met the ownership/management of American Wear while working as an instructor years ago. Having trained their personnel and installing their embroidery equipment, we kept in contact. An opportunity opened and I gladly jumped at the chance to join the company and expand my knowledge of the industry.” Since coming aboard with the American Wear team, John has excelled and has become one of the most valued employees in the company.

John says, ”I take pride in creating and producing quality work. Because in the end, it’s a reflection of me, American Wear and the end user wearing the garments we provide.” If you want to contact John DeKovics, you can do so by sending an email to JohnD@americanwear.com. You can also reach John by phone at 973-414-9200 on extensions 114 or 146.