As a family owned company here in New Jersey, our employees are an extension of our family and we’re proud to support them and their accomplishments.  We’d like to introduce you to our company receptionist, Carol DelPolito.

Originally from Scranton, PA, Carol began her career in the uniform industry more than forty years ago, when she first saw an ad in the local paper for a seamstress position. Since then, she has worked her way through the ropes from seamstress to an executive position, to her current role.

The knowledge she has gained over the years has contributed to Carol’s expertise in working with both customers and colleagues. Her personal goal in her position is to make sure that she does all that she can to help service customers’ needs and make things easier for them. Carol works to keep everything running smoothly within the office as well, taking written orders, answering phones and accounts receivable calls, along with data entry.

Carol has a soft spot in her heart for family owned business, one of the things that drew her to American Wear. “Most of my career has been spent working for family owned businesses and I can say that there is a wonderful feeling to be able to see and work with the different generations through my years of employment,” says Carol.

An animal lover, Carol spends her time outside of the office caring for her many pets and cooking for and spending time with her son. We’re grateful to have Carol as a part of the American Wear family and we look forward to working alongside her for years to come.

You can contact Carol directly through either phone or email.