For American Wear, hiring the best employees for the job is a top concern. Many of the employees who work for American Wear have been there for years. American Wear works very hard to create a work environment that it fun and productive. Today, you get a chance to catch up with Michael Carlos who is the stockroom supervisor at American Wear. Some would say that the job that Michael has is just as important as President of American Wear John Auriemma. We recently sat down with Michael Carlos and here are some of the interesting things that we found out.

He Is Very Passionate about His Job and The New York Yankees

Like many people in the New York and New Jersey area, Michael Carlos has been a fan of the New York Yankees since childhood. When he is not at work, he says, “You can find me at home with a cup of coffee and watching my favorite baseball team New York Yankees.” Michael is originally from the Dominican Republic and has been on the American Wear team since 2008. Since 2008 Michael says, “I’ve learned a lot from our owners and they are the main reason that I’m where I’m today for the opportunity they gave me.” One of the biggest draws for most people when it comes to working with American Wear is the fact that it is family owned.

What Does Michael Carlos Do for American Wear?

The main job that Michael Carlos has as a stockroom supervisor is making sure that all of the garments processed in the warehouse on a daily basis are shipped correctly. He also helps to ensure that production levels inside of the American Wear warehouse stay high. When a direct sale is made or if a new business is coming onboard, Michael will oversee their order to ensure it is correct and that there are no problems. When first starting with the company in 2008, Michael did everything from rolling up floor mats to helping delivery drivers on their route. Michael knew with some hard work and dedication, he could climb the American Way corporate ladder.

What Does the Future Hold for Michael?

When asked what most excites him about his future with American Wear, Michael answered, “I’m really excited, the way we growing as a company, dealing with different situation on the daily basis and always learning something new.” Making sure that the customers know that they are a number one priority is very important to Michael Carlos. He works hard on a daily basis to ensure all orders that come through the stockroom are correct. It is dedicated employees like Michael Carlos that have made American Wear the success story that it is. American Wear works very hard to ensure they only hire the best of the best for their company.

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