You see them all the time, but chances are, you probably don’t give them a second thought. Floor mats have become such a big part of everyday life, we often forget why they’re there; they serve an essential purpose for most stores and businesses, and provide benefits that go beyond their basic functions.

Why are floor mats important?

They keep your place clean. Commercial buildings and facilities generally have a lot of foot traffic, meaning lots of opportunities for dirt and liquids to enter from the outside. Floor mats seriously counteract this by preventing as much as 80 percent of outdoor soils from coming into your facility.

They keep you safe. More than just dirt-stoppers, floor mats reduce the risk of accidents by making wet areas and slick floors less slippery.

They promote a positive image. Preventing outdoor soils from coming in to your facility makes the rest of the building cleaners, and mats reduce wear and tear in high traffic areas, giving your flooring longer life.

At American Wear, we offer a wide variety of floor mats to suit your individual business needs. The Classic Mat is great for stopping dirt and presenting a clean, simple image. The Logo Mat helps your brand recognition by making every entryway an advertisement for your company. And the Anti-Fatigue Mat immediately improves ergonomics, body mechanics, and makes your employees feel better. See the full list of offerings on our floor mats page.