April showers bring… mud. And it doesn’t take long before mud from outside makes its way on to your floors. 80% of all the dirt and dust in commercial building is tracked in by foot from the outdoors, so it’s easy to see that when streets and sidewalks get muddy, so do your office floors.

There are a few ways to handle this, and we prefer a two-pronged approach – one for mud defense, and one for cleanup.

Mud-Fighting Phase 1: Floor Mats
Floor mats are your first line of defense against mud and dirt from the outside. Used properly, they can drastically reduce what gets tracked inside your building. For muddy times of the year, scraper mats are great for entryways to knock off the majority of dirt and grime. Classic mats are a great line of dirt fighting, and can usually handle any filth that’s left over. They’re also a great go-to in less dirty times (think summer). And at the front door to your office, logo mats fight grime and build brand recognition.

Mud-Fighting Phase 2: Treated Mops
Even with your best efforts, some dirt will find its way in. That’s when it’s mop time. Our mops keep your facility clean AND your floors safe, and will cost you less than disposable mops. Use microfiber mops or treated dust mops for your everyday dry dirt and dust. And when things get really muddy, it’s time to break out the wet mops – our will bring your floors from brown and slick to sparkling and safe.

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