Get the best help you can get for your floor, restroom, and other cleaning needs for your business only from American Wear.

Facility Services Unlike Any Other

More than just your most reliable source of topnotch professional apparel, American Wear also provides you with high-quality cleaning and maintenance services and supplies to help you with all your heavy-duty cleaning needs! Keep your floors clean and your restrooms impressive with our array of facility services:

Mop Rental Services. American Wear just made floor care and hygiene for your facility so much easier and so much more efficient with our weekly mop rental service! You can now forget about working with old, ratty mops that spread more dirt, germs, and bacteria than they clean. With American Wear, you can expect regular and on-time delivery of clean, sanitized, ready-to-use floor mops week after week after week. No more of the impossibly difficult task of wringing and cleaning those nasty mopheads – we’ll do all that for you, only better! Choose between:

  • Treated Dust Mops
  • Microfiber Mops
  • Wet Mops

Restroom Supplies. Last-minute toilet paper runs will now be a thing of the past for your facility and your employees and clients will thank you for it! American Wear’s restroom supply service ensures that your restrooms are fully-stocked with quality paper and soap products. Our service is designed for maximum efficiency. We offer a range of topnotch quality restroom products you’d never want to run out of:

  • Sanitizer
  • Soy Scrub
  • Foam Soap
  • Air Fresheners
  • Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue
  • Center Pull Towels

American Wear Gets You!

We get it – running a business and keeping your space clean and efficient is hard, hard work. That is why we have designed every aspect of our facility services to meet your needs for quality products and efficient services.

We’ll save you the time and money you normally spend on low-quality, disposable mop handles and mop heads, and those pesky little runs to get quality restroom products. We’ll even take the guesswork out of your supplies for you!  

Convenience and Quality In One Mega Bundle

Save yourself the time, cost, and burden. Let American Wear handle your facility service needs! Call us today at 973-414-9200 to get started or ask for a free quote!