If you’re looking for something your cleaning crew an edge over the mess, consider the benefits of microfiber.

Having a clean business, especially in this day and age, is absolutely essential. And, while it’s difficult to keep everything spotless all of the time, it’s important to utilize cleaning tools designed to work hard and leave your business clean for as long as possible. 

Enter: microfiber. Microfiber is not your average cleaning tool. Its fibers are split many times smaller than human hair. This makes it the perfect tool for reaching into cracks and crevices the average towel or mop can’t reach.

Here are the benefits of microfiber in your business:

Captures Microbes Effectively 

Microbes lurk in every corner, crack, and crevice of your facility. Defeating them is no easy task, and the average mop or towel may not always be the most effective. Microfiber is a great tool to use that will get the job done effectively the first time, so you can invest your time and energy into other areas of your business.

In hospitals, studies show microfiber kills 99% of bacteria, whereas traditional wet mops kill only 30%. That’s the magic and benefits of microfiber!

Saves Your Business Money

Additionally, using microfiber products will save your business money. Microfiber is made out of polyester and nylon, making it more durable than fabrics like cotton. Because microfiber is stronger, it’s naturally built to last. You won’t have to replace your microfiber towels or mops as often as you would other types of cleaning tools.

When running a business, saving money anywhere you can is important. While mops and towels may not sound extremely expensive, if you’re replacing them often, the costs will add up. Save yourself the stress of purchasing new towels and mops every week with the help of microfiber.

Saves Precious Time

Time is the most valuable resource because, once it’s gone, you can’t get it back. In the hustle and bustle of the job, you don’t have extra time to waste on cleaning. If it’s taking you or your employees a long time just to clean simple everyday messes, that wasted time will take its toll on your business.

Because it cleans effectively and efficiently the first time around, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the same spots over and over again. You can use the extra time to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Get Your Microfiber Products From the Experts at American Wear

Microfiber is great, but only when you get it from a provider who is reliable and trustworthy. You can have microfiber towels and mops but, if your provider isn’t delivering or cleaning them on time for you, you’ll be left scrambling.

That’s where American Wear comes in. Since our founding in 1951, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the best service possible. We’re a family-run business, and we treat our customers like they are a part of our family. 

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