Hot weather uniforms are incredibly important to workers. Without them, things can get messy. They aren’t hard to find but that doesn’t mean that you should go with the very first provider you find. For the highest quality and the most competitive prices, look no further than American Wear!

American Wear Hot Weather Uniforms Are the Best for a Reason

No other company can compete with the hot weather uniforms that American Wear produces. We stand out from the rest of the competition because our products come with:

Professional Quality

It can be absolutely miserable working in the heat. Not just any uniform can make that bearable American Wear can. Our hot weather uniforms are extremely effective at keeping workers cool as they go about their business in hot environments. They are made from premium brands such as Carhartt and Red Kap with a focus on user comfort above all. 

That level of quality doesn’t matter if it can’t be maintained. That’s why our commercial laundry service thoroughly tracks and cleans each item. Not even the tiniest of rips or tears will escape our notice. If we find a problem, we will immediately repair it or replace it as necessary free of charge. Everything we return will be as high quality as it was the day our clients first got it. 

Inventory Variety 

American Wear produces hot weather apparel for a wide array of industries. We make traditional work attire, business casual outfits, polo shirts, and imprinted t-shirts. We can also make uniforms for extreme-heat jobs with more specific needs. This includes road workers, welders, traffic guards, and many more. No matter the environment, American Wear will deliver what employees need most. 

Just because we put so much effort into function doesn’t mean we can’t accommodate form as well. On top of being effective in hot environments, our uniforms are also still very capable of looking good and representing our clients’ businesses. Our customization options include any combination of screen printing, embroidery, and logo emblems.

Invested Care

At American Wear, we work hard to guarantee our customers have the best experience possible. We do everything in-house, so we’re able to meet client needs quickly and efficiently. Our deliveries are always on time, no exceptions. Our customer care representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions or help with any issue that may arise. 

Customer retention is extremely important to us which is why we offer competitive rates for our high-quality services. We know our clients want the best bang for their buck and that’s exactly what American Wear offers. 

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