Employees washing their work clothes is risky. There are many different professions where laundry needs a more professional touch than what most staff are capable of providing.

Many Things Could Go Wrong Without a Professional Touch

If employees end up cleaning their own uniforms, many problems can arise. Here are just a few:

Dangerous to Bring Home

Many different professions work in scenarios where bringing their uniform home to clean is outright dangerous. For obvious reasons, healthcare workers don’t bring back what they work in. However, other industries such as food service, industrial, and hospitality share similar risks. In many of these professions, unhealthy chemicals, contagions, or grime latch on to uniforms. These staff can easily and unknowingly expose those they live with or around to these hazards.

Not Properly Cleaned

Whether employees have their own washers and dryers or they go to laundromats, they won’t be able to clean their uniforms as well as a commercial laundry service. The machinery simply isn’t half as sophisticated or as effective. Leaving it up to individual employees also means at best, they won’t be as thorough as a commercial service and at worst, they might not even clean their uniforms at all.

No Maintenance

Another aspect of self-service laundry that leads to future problems is the lack of professional maintenance. Old and worn uniforms are less able to protect wearers against the dangers of their jobs. These uniforms are far more likely to fall apart and issues are far less likely to be noticed before it’s too late. 

American Wear is a Far Better Alternative to Employees Washing Their Work Clothes

Working with American Wear prevents you from dealing with the issues that would arise with employees washing their work clothes.

  • Off-Site Laundry: With us, your staff doesn’t need to worry about exposing their family, friends, or neighbors to hazardous material from their uniforms. We take those uniforms to a secure and sanitary commercial laundry facility and wash them ourselves. 
  • Thorough Cleaning: American Wear boasts some of the cleanest and advanced machinery in the industry. Our state-of-the-art washers, dryers, boilers, and extractors will clean the toughest stains and remove the most dangerous material from every uniform.
  • Professional Maintenance: Through our sophisticated StarTrac Garment Control™ system, every linen we receive is closely monitored for even the tiniest of breaches. Any and all uniforms that don’t meet our high standards are mended until there are no more rips, tears, or other abrasions. If we can’t do that, we will completely replace every product that needs it free of charge. 

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