Wouldn’t it be great if every company you worked with worked as hard as you did? Unfortunately that isn’t always the case and many times, as employers, we are left in a muddle over working with certain suppliers. How are things with your current uniform supplier? Are you happy with their performance, their attention to detail and their impeccable customer service? If you are sitting there shaking your head saying no actually, quite the opposite, then this is where we encourage you to say “Hello Independence!” from this supplier and look into our company as your next uniform supplier.

We are a family owned and operated company who have the time to put into each of our customers because when our customers are happy, that means we are doing a good job. National suppliers don’t have the time to individually sit down with their customers and work out a good budget and program but here at American Wear, we do have the time. Let’s face it, sometimes the national “big guys” can get sloppy and even lazy with their orders.

So say goodbye to this worry and instead say hello to independence because it has never looked so good! At American Wear, we have custom, flexible options. You can buy or lease your uniforms from us and we are happy to set up a program to help accommodate your company. While the big national suppliers will try and lock you into a rigid contract, we will work with you to figure out what fits best. As your company continues to grow and develop, we will have one of our many highly trained image consultants continue to meet with you to help customize your company’s order to fit what is happening within your company.

Give us a call today and say hello to American Wear. We can pretty much say for certain you won’t regret it!