business restroom supplies

Business restroom supplies should always be ready and high-quality. Restrooms, specifically public restrooms, are pivotal rooms in your business’s success. A dirty one can not only turn customers away from future business, but can be dangerous. How you take care of your restrooms are a reflection of how you take care of your employees and customers.

It’s a full-time job to keep your business’s restrooms sanitary and satisfactory! That’s why American Wear crafted a complete, convenient service that gives you much-needed help: our restroom supplies service!

More than just supplying you with better products, the American Wear restroom supplies service helps protect employees and customers. Here’s how:

Promote Hand Hygiene

There is no denying the power of proper hand hygiene habits. It helps protect employees from communicable diseases which, in turn, prevents absenteeism and lowers health care claims. Any hand hygiene program, however, can only work when there is access to effective and safe hand hygiene products. That’s where American Wear’s restroom supplies service comes in handy.

American Wear is the support you need for your hand hygiene program. We make sure that you always have an adequate supply of essential hand hygiene products – from hand sanitizers to different types of hand soaps. The additional dispenser option from American Wear makes it all the easier for your employees and customers to access hand hygiene products.

A well-implemented hand hygiene program also gives invaluable peace of mind to your customers. Nothing is more reassuring to customers than knowing that they are doing business with people who are as careful and hygienic as they are.

Business Restroom Supplies Prevent Foul Odors 

Nothing is more off-putting in any situation – commercial or otherwise – than a foul smell emanating from the restrooms. Foul odors signal neglect. Worse, foul odors mean a lack of regard for general health and hygiene. And the general population – your customers included – are less likely to trust a brand that displays such indifference.

Unfortunately, for many businesses with limited workforces, it’s harder to keep up with the restroom cleaning. Even the most well-meaning business owners can only do so much, especially on busy days. What can a business owner like yourself do?

With the exception of round-the-clock restroom cleaning personnel, a better odor control system is your best solution. American Wear’s commercial restroom supplies service makes it even easier!

An effective air freshener system is the best defense against making a bad impression. It signals that you care. It indicates that you care enough to make an effort to clean your restrooms for the sake of your customers. 

Easy and Constant Access to Paper Products

The sight of empty toilet paper dispensers has been the subject of many internet memes. Its popularity comes only from the recognized, collective horror of being trapped in a toilet cubicle that lacks paper products. 

American Wear makes sure you never run the risk of toilet paper shortage at any point. Our restroom supply service eliminates the inconvenience of having to replenish your own supply. You’ll always have high-quality toilet paper and paper towels. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with angry and/or disgruntled customers and employees.

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