Here in New Jersey, we’re no strangers to the cold, but that doesn’t mean we like it. The February chills can be a nuisance when traveling to and from an office, but for those of us who work outside, temperatures dipping into the teens or single digits are downright dangerous.

Whether you work in automotive, construction, delivery, or something else, a job that requires you to be outside may be a struggle this time of year. But with a little planning and the right precautions, working in the cold can be safe and – gasp! – even enjoyable!

Here are a few tips for staying warm on the job:

  • American WearDress in layers. The old adage holds true: layers really are your best bet in cold weather. They allow you to adjust to temperature changes and varying levels of physical activity.
  • Wear 2 pairs of socks. Standing on cold outdoor surfaces like concrete requires extra insulation, and an extra pair of thermal or wool socks can do the trick. Don’t forget a good pair of warm, insulated boots.
  • Limit exposure. Get your tools ready before you head outside, and of course take small projects indoors whenever possible. And take breaks; a regularly scheduled break from the cold helps the body stay warm for the long haul.
  • Cover your head and hands. The more of your body that is exposed, the more heat you will lose. A warm hat on your head acts as a cap for all the heat that would otherwise escape, and fingers are a prime target for frostbite. Hats and gloves go a long way.

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