At American Wear, we strive to provide flexible, personal, and outstanding service with the single goal of delivering solutions that will improve your business. To do that, we’ve created the Star-Image System, a 5-point solution to help you shine. We apply our expertise in 5 different areas, creating a unique program for your business that will get more out of your uniform rental service than ever before.

  1. Star-Image System – It’s all about improving your image. We do a brief tour of your facility, and our image consultant will analyze your workplace and recommend enhancements and improvements to best present your brand. We’re careful to suggest improvements that fit your budget and your needs.
  2. Experienced and Independent – Quite simply, everyone at American Wear is fully dedicated to take care of our customers. We pride ourselves on having an exceptional team that spans multiple generations, and many of our employees have more than a decade of experience. American Wear has been the industry leader in quality, service, and customer service since 1951.
  3. StarTrac™ Garment Control – This revolutionary system keeps every piece of clothing in order so you never have to worry about missing garments. StarTrac™ Garment Control tracks your garments through every step of the cleaning and delivery process, ensuring a perfect order every time.
  4. All-In Pricing Program – We have no hidden charges. We understand you have a budget that you need to meet, so we work with you to create a customized program that fits your business and grows with it. What you see is what you pay, always.
  5. Complete Customization – At American Wear, our focus is customizing a program that best fits YOU, from size and color right down to pickup and delivery preferences.

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