Give your business the best uniform, mat, and facility service in Jersey City, only from American Wear!

American Wear Offers Reliable Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Jersey City

American Wear is a family-owned business that can give you personalized service and specially-crafted solutions that let you take better control of your supply management needs. We specialize in:

Uniform Rental Service

Our uniform rental service offers not just a wide selection of items for use in a variety of businesses and industries. We also offer high-tech garment customization technology to help you enhance your employees’ appearance and satisfaction. Our uniform service is also backed by our unique StarTrac garment tracking system that prevents linen loss, improves cost control, and eases the burden of managing your daily supply needs.

Custom Image Apparel Service

American Wear is the undisputed leader in professional uniform customization service. We use advanced technology and techniques to help you create the perfect uniform design that lets you take your brand’s visual appeal to the next level.

Wiping Towels Service

See better, cleaner results for your facility’s cleaning needs, without the cost or burden of owning your towels with American Wear’s specialized wiping towels rental service. Our wiping towels are suitable for use on almost every surface and with almost every cleaning chemical. Our wiping towels can effectively pick up dust, wipe off spills and stains, and can be used for casual and deep cleaning purposes.

Floor Mats Service

American Wear is also the Jersey City expert for high-quality floor mat rental solutions. Our mats are your facility’s protection against slip-and-fall accidents. We have a wide selection of floor mats for use in different areas of your facility, including:

Treated Mops

Clean your workspace with ease and without the risk of contamination with treated mops from American Wear! We offer a selection of treated dust mops, microfiber mops, and wet mops, that are especially suitable for use in critical and sterile areas in your business space.  

Restroom Supplies

Don’t let the weight of your restroom supply needs overwhelm your operations. Secure your supplies with American Wear’s complete restroom supply service! We have everything from hand hygiene essentials to paper products to a range of odor control solutions.

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