Professional uniform, mat, or facility service in Trenton, NJ is available from a local, reliable, and experienced provider: American Wear.

American Wear is the Best Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service Provider in Trenton

We have the equipment, expertise, and local reliability that lets you focus on your operations and not on your supplies. We offer:

Uniform Rental Service

Our uniform service offers you flexible options to meet your facility’s needs for product quality, service efficiency, and competitive pricing. Our uniform rental service is backed by our StarTrac Garment Control™ system that uses advanced RFID technology. This ensures the secure, accurate, and dependable handling of your work garments.

Custom Image Apparel Service

Bring out the best in your business with uniforms that properly represent your brand! We use top-notch garment customization technology that ensures the excellent appearance and quality of your custom uniforms.

Floor Mats Service

American Wear offers you a smarter, easier, and more secure way to keep up with your floor care needs with our advanced floor mat services. Our high-quality mat selection is ideal for use in different areas of your facility. Our expertise in mat care and maintenance, as well as our proven service efficiency, gives you the floor care advantage and support that you need without any added burdens.

Wiping Towels Service

Increase your cleaning efficiency with better and cleaner wiping towels from American Wear Uniforms! Our specialized wiping towel service provides high-quality towels, secure supply delivery, and top-notch laundry service.

Treated Mops

American Wear’s treated mop supply service allows you to clean your floors with confidence, and without having to worry about keeping up with your mop supplies. Our treated mops are ideal for use in any business and any facility that needs improved floor cleaning solutions.

Restroom Supplies

Get all your restroom essentials securely and from one place – get them only from American Wear! We have a complete range of paper products, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, odor control products, and commercial-grade dispensers for your supplies. Our dedicated route representatives ensure timely supply replenishment which ensures you’ll never run out of stock.

American Wear: Local, Reliable, and Excellent Service

American Wear is the uniform, mat, and facility service provider that lets you power through your day-to-day needs. With our dedicated customer support and the proven quality of our services, you can fully focus on your business without having to worry about meeting your supply needs. American Wear means excellence, convenience, and, a reliable partnership through your every need.

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