2022 uniform service

Every new year is a time for better change and uniforms are one of the best places to start. 2022 is the year for uniform service to improve your business.

This is Why 2022 is the Year for Uniform Service

Now, more than ever is the best time to sign up for uniform service because it:

Upgrades Uniforms Instantly

Upgrading your uniform supplies is easier in the hands of a competent professional uniform service provider. They can arrange every aspect of your uniform upgrade – from planning to customizing. Best of all, uniform service gives you higher-quality uniform options without the costly commitment of an upfront purchase. With high-quality uniforms, your staff can perform at their best and bring you the results you need!

More Control Over Uniform Supply

Uniform management can come at a hefty price, no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re looking to cut down on the cost of your uniform supplies in 2022, uniform service is the way to go! Without the costs of upfront investments and overhead from maintenance, uniform rental lets you get more for less. The right provider can also create a program that works around your budget and needs without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Ensures Better Uniform Care and Maintenance 

2022 is the year to do away with the non-essential tasks that wear your operations thin. That includes having to maintain your own uniforms. Uniform service ensures that your uniforms are consistently clean, in top shape, and readily available.  

Improves Public Image and Attracts Talent

A professional-looking workforce has great curb appeal, and that benefits public perception and recruiting efforts! Employee appearance is an indicator of how well-run a business is and nothing attracts positive associations or resumes like a business that knows what it’s doing.

The Best Uniform Service Choice for New Jersey Businesses in 2022

More than just any old uniform service, what your facility needs are reliability and professionalism. And as far as exceptional New Jersey uniform service choices go, there’s only one name you can trust: American Wear!

We offer:

  • Advanced Garment Tracking Technology. American Wear uses the power of RFID technology with our garment tracking system, StarTrac. StarTrac keeps an eye on your inventory at every step of the uniform handling process through detailed scanning. The embedded RFID chips allow us to more closely and accurately monitor your items. This ensures the timeliness and accuracy of your deliveries, and full transparency in your invoicing.
  • Expertise and Reliability That Spans 70 Years. American Wear has been in the uniform service business since 1951. You can trust that our process is as efficient as it is effective, as tried and true as it is excellent.
  • Customer Service Dedicated to Meeting All Your Needs. American Wear operates on the core principle of “service with passion”. Our team of dedicated experts works tirelessly towards meeting customer needs. We operate in a culture of excellence – in creating solutions, meeting results, and developing initiatives to efficiently meet your needs.
  • Always Professional-Looking Uniforms. The professional image our uniforms create do more than make a workforce look great. The image we provide sets our customers apart from their competition and makes them more competitive. Additionally, uniform service is an effective bonus for attracting and retaining employees.

Contact Us Today!

Without a doubt, 2022 is the year for uniform service. Start yours today with American Wear! Contact us today at 973-414-9200 to set up your service or to learn more about what we can do for your business. You can also reach out to us here to arrange for a consultation or to request a free quote!