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Running a business is challenging. Competition is tight and satisfying every customer is difficult and stressful. Then, there’s the issue of keeping up with the internal aspects of your business – facility upkeep and maintenance, taking care of your employees, and the perpetual need to keep costs down.

One of the most pressing needs that come with managing a business, specifically in one where employee uniforms are an integral part of everyday operations, is monitoring uniform inventory.

The Challenge with Monitoring Uniform Inventory

Keeping uniforms clean and always looking their best is just one of the many things concerning uniform upkeep. That is the easy part. One of the biggest challenges to uniform care is inventory tracking.

In every business, uniforms  get lost on a regular basis. It even happens to businesses that keep their own in-house laundry and garment care facility. The reasons for this are simple and can happen to anyone.

Common reasons include mishandling, theft, mismanagement, and loss during transportation and handling. These mistakes are costly and difficult to correct. When uniforms are taken off for handling, it is impossible to know what’s happening to them. They are as good as gone. Whether or not they will show up again ready to work is matter of faith, uncertainty, and questionable results.

The Easier, Smarter Solution: Star-Trac Garment Control™

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology helps create smarter, easier, and more accurate solutions for uniform tracking. How exactly does it work?

It starts with microchips, which are powered by RFID technology. Every garment is read by computer scanners as they enter, move through, and leave our facility. With microchips  embedded in every uniform we process, keeping track of them is simple and accurate. As a result, your materials receive professional processing and delivery right to your door. No surprises, no 

This is the exact same technology that powers American Wear’s signature Star-Trac Garment Control™ system. With it, nothing goes amiss. Our tracking system works with our state-of-the-art laundry facility and computer system to record every item that goes through our building. As soon as each item enters our facility and with each procedure that they undergo, the Star Trac Garment Control™ keeps an accurate record.

Better Tracking, Easier Inventory

How exactly does this help you keep track of your garments and prevent unnecessary, costly losses?

Did an employee forget to turn in their uniform? Did another employee’s uniform need replacement or repair? How many uniforms arrived on a particular delivery day? Were the used uniforms taken back? The RFID system creates a paper trail of every action your uniforms go through, so you remove the uncertainty that you would normally get with standard uniform inventory management.

Get Quality Uniform Management with American Wear

Uniform management should not be uncertain. Our Star-Trac Garment Control™ system makes your job easier. 

Experience the convenience and the accuracy of our smart tracking system today! Contact American Wear at (973) 414-9200 to get started.