American Wear supplies uniform, mat, and facility service to Elizabeth, NJ business that need it! We’ve got the high-quality materials, experience, and the drive to satisfy our customers.

What Makes American Wear Your Best Service Option?

American Wear has seven decades of experience in the industry as a uniform, mat, and facility service. In that time, we’ve learned to stand out by offering high quality:

Floor Care

American Wear provides many services to keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly and safely. Our floor mats are highly effective at keeping floors clean and extending their lifespan. There are many customizable options to cover just about any entrance or corner. They are also effective tools for advertising and directions since clients can put whatever they want on them. We also offer long-lasting treated mops to take care of floors in hard-to-reach areas.

Uniform Rental

American Wear offers an affordable and dependable uniform rental service. We provide a simple, cheap, and effective rental service that supplies employees with exactly what they need. Rest assured knowing that our products are of the highest quality and regularly maintained in our commercial laundry facilities. We closely monitor each uniform with our sophisticated StarTrac Garment Control System ensuring accurate results every time.

Towel Service

Every mess needs quality attention and which is why we supply the tools to clean any surface. Our towel service is durable enough to withstand the rigors of continued use. They were thoroughly tested for their ability to clean, with absorbent, protective material ready for any situation. American Wear will maintain their long lifespans with everything from cleaning to repairs and even major alterations.

Restroom Supplies

American Wear’s restroom supplies are designed to maintain a high degree of cleanliness in an area that isn’t often associated with it. Every one of our products are ready to take on your restrooms and create a fresh environment for your staff and customers to enjoy.

American Wear is the Best Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service for Your Elizabeth Business

Uniform, mat, and facility service is American Wear’s specialty. Get started today by calling (973) 414-9200 or directing your inquiries here for more information.

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