For over 70 years, American Wear has stood as a leading provider of uniform, mat, and facility services in Yonkers, NY. Renowned for our commitment to delivering top-quality products and unparalleled customer service, businesses can depend on us to meet their requirements. Our aim is to simplify operations, enabling you to focus on the growth of your enterprise. 

Why American Wear is the Best Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Yonkers, NY 

As industry frontrunners, we provide an extensive range of services tailored to diverse sectors. American Wear has built a reputation for garnering customer loyalty through our top-notch products and exceptional support. Below, we are pleased to showcase our uniform, mat, and facility services in Yonkers: 

Custom Branded Apparel Service 

Enhance your brand with our personalized apparel services. American Wear utilizes cutting-edge screen printing and embroidery techniques to guarantee that your branded attire maintains a pristine and vibrant appearance. Dress your team in a manner that is both memorable and seamlessly professional. 

Uniform Rental Service 

Featuring esteemed brands like Carhartt and RedKap, your team will exude professionalism and excel in their tasks. American Wear’s uniform rental service is tailored to suit your company’s distinct requirements, offering flexibility and customization.Let us elevate your team’s appearance and performance to new heights. Count on us for dependable, top-quality services spanning a variety of industries:  

Towel Service 

Depend on American Wear for a reliable provision of fresh, resilient linens through our towel service. Maintain a spotless environment and leave a lasting impression on customers with our regular towel service. Explore our diverse selection, tailored to meet your specific needs: 

Floor Mat Service 

American Wear provides top-notch floor mats to assist in upholding floor safety and cleanliness standards. From branded mats to anti-fatigue options, we offer a superior selection to cater to the requirements of various industries. Explore our range of offerings below: 

Facility Service 

Maintaining well-stocked and clean restrooms is essential for facility management. American Wear’s comprehensive facility services encompass all the necessary supplies to ensure restrooms remain consistently stocked and hygienic. Businesses can trust us to uphold a fresh and pleasant environment within their facilities. Explore our range of essential paper and facility products below: 

Your Trusted Partner for Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Yonkers, NY 

With seven decades of loyal clientele, American Wear is the top preference for uniform, mat, and facility services among business owners in Yonkers, NY. We delight in collaborating with local companies to facilitate their success. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary quote at (973) 414-9200 or through our online form. Discover how our uniform, mat, and facility service in Yonkers, NY is a hassle-free experience with the assistance of our dedicated support team.