Seeking exceptional uniform, mat, and facility services in Morristown, NJ? Look no further than American Wear. Boasting over seven decades of experience, we have played a vital role in the expansion of numerous enterprises. Allow our extensive expertise to turn your business aspirations into tangible outcomes.

What American Wear Provides to Morristown Businesses

We’re proud to offer professional-grade uniforms, mats, and facility items Morristown businesses need to operate safely and effectively. Here’s what we can do for your business:

Uniform Service

Outfit your staff in first-rate uniforms from American Wear. We procure materials from esteemed brands like Carhartt and RedKap, suitable for industries like automotive, manufacturing, government, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, general services, and energy sectors.

Towel Service

More than just towel provision, American Wear offers a complete solution including regular laundering of items such as wiping towels, fender covers, microfiber towels, bar mops, and bath towels.

Mat Services

Maintain cleanliness and safety in high-traffic areas with our comprehensive mat services. Our range of mats includes classic, logo, scraper, Waterhog, anti-fatigue, comfort flow, and cushion mats, designed to provide safety and comfort on hard floors.

Facility Service and Restroom Supply

American Wear is your go-to for thorough commercial restroom maintenance. We supply a wide range of products and cleaning supplies to keep your facilities spotless, including sanitizers, soy scrub, foam soap, air fresheners, jumbo roll toilet tissue, and center pull towels.

Customized Uniform Service

Elevate your business’s image with custom-tailored, logo-emblazoned attire. Our state-of-the-art screen printing and embroidery skills guarantee your brand’s logo or design stands out. Experience the impact of our tailored brand apparel service.

Leading Provider of Uniform, Mat, and Facility Services in Morristown, NJ

As a reliable provider in Morristown for over 70 years, American Wear is your ideal partner for business enhancement. Contact us at (973) 414-9200 or through our online form for a no-commitment quote, and discover our unmatched expertise in uniform, mat, and facility services that will elevate your business.

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